A Gracious Response To Election Results

I don’t really want to get into politics, but the Lord asked me to give some instructions and directions to open people’s eyes concerning what He’s doing in the Earth.  I shared this with my church, and I think they bought into it wholeheartedly…and that is to keep serving God.   The changes in seasons should not alter who you are in Christ; if it does, you are saying that there is a season or an occurrence that is greater than your God.  David says it this way, “I will lift up mine eyes and look to the hills,” and I happen to know that Jesus died on the hill called Calvary; “look to the hills from whence cometh my help my help.” In case there is any doubt, my help comes from the Lord.  I want to tell you if God can figure out how to construct the heavens and the earth, He knows already what He’s going to do about any difficulty in your life, all He requires from us is to keep on believing in His word.

You know, love has no color.  The difference between white people and people of color is five layers of melonin.  People of color are only darker by hue due to whats happening in the skin, the epidermal layer.  Beneath the epidermal layer, you get down to the essence of the human race, which means that all of our blood, all of the things that make us human beings are equal.  We can exchange blood and organs between races, and the person who received the donation will keep on ticking.  Satan will always try to stir up complications and divisions based on his racism.  Satan is a bigot.  He is racist.  Racism in people is a spirit that comes from Satan.  Bigotry is a spirit that causes people who are alike to have division.  The only separation we are to have as believers is to be separated into Christ.  We are baptized into Christ, separated into Him, into His body, and into His blood.  Aside from that, we love all people, of all races, all political lines, and educational lines, etc.

I was in Israel for eight or nine days and I realized something, when you were arrive at the Temple Mount,  it appeared to me that it is not occupied by the people to whom God gave it.  The Palestenian brothers who came from Ishmael occupy the Temple now.  As I’m standing there, the Lord says to me that we have to learn how to respect others religious beliefs.  Even God respects a person’s decision to be wrong.  You cannot win people by trashing their current religious beliefs.  No muslim will ever come in your face and disrespect and trash your Jesus.  They may try to win you to the other side, but they have respect for your belief.  They see Jesus as an equal with Mohammed.  We as believers will go in trying to win people and disrespect what they believe.  My point is that we have to learn how to respect other people’s views, even if they are out of alignment with the Word of God.  They have the right to be wrong.  God protected Adam’s right to be wrong.  He didn’t do anything more than tell him what not to eat.  Other than that, He respected Adam’s right to be a free agent.

There are people who, because of election results, and because of the President Elect’s actions on the campaign trail, feel that they as well as these United States have entered into a severely bleak period with little hope for elevation.  Now, I’m not here to preach the left or right, I want to preach truth.  I am what you call an Independent voter.  I do not embrace a specific party, I vote based on the category and the candidates whom we are able to choose.  Again, I’m not embracing any party, but due to the bigotry that I’ve been detecting and what has come against this present presidential administration, based largely on race, I could not endorse anybody else who is separating themselves from someone else merely because of their race.  It seems as though the country is headed into a bleak period where the racial divide is greater than ever, the outlook on world politics is not that great, and riots and protests are breaking news every week it seems.  I’ve heard believers doubting God’s ability to preserve and protect them during these delicate times.

Believers know that your thinking will control your actions…so, how should we be thinking during this time?  Here’s my short answer to that question…”In God we trust!”  Try that out, “In God we trust!”  That should be your solution to everything anyone tries to do to you and any situation you face.  Regardless if someone in a powerful position tries to devalue you as a person because of your race, disability, etc…”In God we trust!”  No one will believe that just because you have it posted somewhere, what you believe is what you do or how you respond when pressure comes on.  What’s deeply rooted in your heart, embedded in the core of your being, comes out when pressure comes.  Believers ought to rest in Jesus’ finished work.  This rest is a state of mind, not a state of activities.  The state of mind that you’re resting in the fact that God, by way of Jesus, has finished everything that your life will ever demand and he is taking the burden off you when he placed it on Jesus.  Your faith in Jesus now releases God’s provision for your life resting in his finished work.


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